Put down the chocolate digestive.

It’s that time of year when we all have over indulged. Muffin tops are more prevalent, bra straps a pinchin and the odd biscuit or two makes it into ‘breakfast’. Personal trainers start rubbing their hands together in anticipation of our hard earned cash. Every diet drink and program starts rearing its familiar head. Pressure is on, to lose the weight.


Before you succumb to the latest diet fad, let me save you the disappointment. Crash diets, depriving yourself of certain food groups and living on juice does not work long term. Who am I? Someone who has lost baby weight twice. I’m no Kate Moss but I don’t really want to be either. (Sorry Kate).

Let’s get to it – what works. Step by step and really really easy….

  1. Stop eating crap (and you know what crap is. Would you feed it to your kids?)
  2. Eat a little less. Stop mid way through and see if you are full.
  3. Move more than you did before.
  4. Do this for a few months

Easy! Easy? No you say? Well the steps are easy, no degree needed. Following it, not so easy. But it works. It benefits your health, your mind and behind. You will fall down along the way, and that’s ok. Only the runners who picked themselves up and ran again are the ones who crossed the finish line.

So as the many celeb diets and programs grace the magazines,think about this – don’t start something you can’t maintain for life.

Make the change for YOU. You CAN do it.


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