Blarneymum meets Pennys -denimgate update!

As a follow up to my blog post on the sizing of denims, the customer service team from Pennys invited me to meet their management team in store to discuss further. I scheduled a meeting in my local store – the only time I had free was a Saturday afternoon so
I have to appreciate the guys for making time on what is surely their busiest day!

I met with the Assistant Manager of the store and two senior staff from women’s fashion. They had prepared a number of samples from their denim collection to show me. This allowed us to contrast the various fits and materials. All of the ones I looked at were ‘skinny fit’ and all a size 12. I also brought the notorious pair that I had bought to show the management team what my issue was.

When I showed the team the pairs I had bought they at first suggested that it was the material not having the stretch like other pairs but when I brought to their attention to the leg of the denim they could see the issue. They have agreed that the size was incorrect and will speak with their buyers on this.

Having tried a variety of their denims, I can say that all of the size 12’s did fit. There were of course some variations but that is to be expected. The pair I bought must have been wrongly labeled.

I did share the feedback that I had received from the blog about the variance in sizing in Pennys and the guys took it on board. The team seemed to take customer feedback very seriously – they often take feedback direct from the shop floor (good and bad) so were very open to hearing about the various comments on the post.

A few things I have learned from my visit.

  • The denims have different waist heights for example, mid rise and high rise which will create a different fit.
  • When comparing, it is important to measure using the crotch as the starting point.
  • Different materials will fit differently – there is one type called super stretch which I tried in a 12 and it was too big for me!
  • Stock for the floor is ordered by demand – managers need to keep a close eye on what it moving at all times. When you think of the variety in Pennys, that is a lot of orders!


The visit was a successful one – I got to show them first hand an issue with their sizes and they showed me that they take their customers opinions very seriously. I also found it very interesting to get a glimpse of how the Pennys ‘machine’ actually works. The buying process is extremely complex given the selection of products in store.

I must say that I am relieved that there was no ‘Wanted’ sign with my face on it in the staff room (lol)! The management that I dealt with were extremely nice, they listened and I never felt rushed.

Will I buy in Pennys again? Absolutely. But they better keep their sizes in check – Blarneymum is watching…..


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