Get fit not fat!

And that’s the general aim.

For some reason I just cannot motivate myself to shift that final stone and get back to where I was pre baba. Funny enough, after baby number one I snapped back and was in the best shape ever. Having my wedding to motivate me helped I guess. Since I have had my daughter, I have really struggled. At first I thought it was the hectic schedule of 2 kids but I have now realised it has all been emotional. My son was diagnosed with autism just before my daughter was born. And I have been learning to live that life since. More on that another time.

So, learning from past success I have decided to start setting mini goals. And this 8 weeks to Sa Coma is just that. The first of many. My aim is to be happy with how I look in a swimsuit/bikini/tankini/whatever before I go.

Let’s be realistic – this is only 8 weeks. I am not going to be able to radically transform how I look in this time. And that’s why this is a mini goal!

The magic formula…..

There is none. This is going to take hard work, focus and effort on my part. Simple as.

Exercise – I have started something I have never done before. Strength and conditioning training. I am totally hooked. I plan on keeping this up 3 times a week. I’m training with EMF in Blarney. Eoin is a great trainer and good fun too. I would highly recommend giving this a try, no matter what your ability.

I am also trying to increase my low intensity, every day stuff like walks with the kids or with my iPod. 

Food – this is the fun part. I know enough to by now to know that if you do not get this right, you are screwed! Run, hike and lift weights all you want. If you are over eating, you will not see results. (Damn it.) So for now, I am cutting out the rubbish, eating real food (emphasis on the REAL), protein with every meal and buckets of water. Not wine, water. I may tighten this up more as I go along, but for now this will be enough of a challenge.

Sleep – tricky little thing this. This area is out of my control. But in the hope that the kids might let me sleep through the night, I am turning off Netflix and going to bed earlier. Oh how I love Netflix…

That’s pretty much it. Nothing new, nothing amazing, just hard graft. 

Oh and you lot to report back to, so if I do fall off the wagon, I promise to tell you. 😊 Be nice to me, please.

How will I measure all of this?

I will check the scales every week, but they are not going to govern my success. I am going to use a much tougher measurement – the mirror. I, like most of you have a favourite photo. You know, that one that you use as your Facebook profile pic because you just love how fab you look? Well here is mine. 😊 (Creds to my gorgeous bestie Cara – this girl has two kids and just looks unreal. Serious mammy goals 👌🏼)

I will get back to this. And when I do, we are going to recreate this pic! And maybe the night out too to celebrate. 😄