Olay Total Effects review!

I have been looking for a new skin regime; I am a bit of a chop and change girl and not a one for spending huge amounts of money on skincare. On recommendation, I have tried the Olay Total Effects range – it seemed a decent price and I have heard good things about it.
Just to note, this is not an advert. I am not sponsored by Olay. (Wouldn’t mind it though, ahem.)


Firstly, on overview of my skin.

My skin is typical of someone in their mid 30’s; large pores, fine lines etc. There has also been a lot of sun damage so lots of pigmentation. My skin type would be combination – it used to be oily for has calmed down on that front as I have aged.


I like a very simple routine. Cleanse, tone and moisture, twice a day. I think serums are a load of rubbish for me anyway. I don’t wear make up during the week, I usually stick to a BB cream as they have SPF built in.

So first choice was the Olay Total Effects CC cream (complexion corrector). I have used it every single day and under make up too and love it. It glides on, sinks in and when I do wear make up I just need very little. I bought this in the darker shade and it works well for sallow skin. It has a sort of a blur affect on my pores and it is non greasy so no shiny bits. Definitley not enough coverage for the undereye area so I need to use my concealer. I love the pump – and you really only need a small amount.


Next on the list was the Olay Total Effects Night Cream.


This stuff is yum!!! It just makes your skin feel so pampered before bed. It soaks into your skin and leaves skin feeling very soft. I find some night creams very very heavy and this is just right. I find my skin much more plump in the morning when using this.

So overall?

Well, here is the thing….
I will continue to use these products as my skin feels really good after using them.

But, is there a visible difference?

I don’t think so. I used these products religiously for one straight month and tooks some snaps to show you what you are paying for…

Day 1, week 1


And 4 weeks later – same lighting, same camera…


In both pictures, I have just washed my face, toned and applied the Olay Total Effects Night Cream. I even wore the same PJ’s 😊

So what do yo think? Is it worth the price tag?

I am still using the product 1 month later so it is good value.
Just don’t get sold on these “visible results” promises which I have yet to see with any product!!

The Total Effects Night Cream is available in Boots here
And I also bought the CC cream in Boots, linked here


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