Beware of the Blogger..

Lifestyle bloggers, Fitness bloggers, Parenting bloggers (hello!), MUA’s….is it just me or does it feel like every time I check my news feed a new blogger has been born? Moseltaf!

It is no secret that the Blogging industry has certainly seen an explosion over the last few years, and oh how the industry has changed. Blogs used to be quite simple – a Web page that was regularly updated by the user with creative or conversational content. Now they are a minefield of social media channels and it is a lucrative industry. Blogging can be so much fun; for me it was a way of avoiding the isolation of being a stay at home mum and embracing my love of writing. I enjoy discussing every day parenting topics and having a good old giggle at life’s mishaps. I guess what you see is what you get.
But is this the case in general?


Sadly, no. Not everything is as it seems. And at the risk of becoming the blogging “whistle blower” and being excommunicated from blogging “cliques” everywhere I am going to divulge my pet peeves.

To me, being a blogger means writing articles, pieces etc. I am amazed at the number of top bloggers that actually write nothing. Well, nothing longer than a quick quip about something they tripped over in Penny’s. Sorry, but if you don’t blog then you are really not……? You fill in the blank here.


Leading on from my previous point, I have taken a major dislike to Serial Snappers. What I mean by this are the Bloggers who do 90% of their work on Snapchat and again, do not write anything original. Now, I absolutley love watching some people, example being Material Boy – always something interesting, thought provoking or just down right hilarious. But what I loathe are those that Snap about making cups of tea, every angle of their baby, more tea and their feet as they walk. Is that really Blogging?


Now this is a hot topic. ASAI are finally starting to crack down on Bloggers by monitoring those that do not disclose that they are being paid to promote a product. Basically, if you are paid to say you like something, you need to say so or type #ad so your readers know. Transparent enough right? Nope. We have a grey area. What about if the blogger was sent it for free? Then they don’t have to use #ad. Sorry, but if you get a freebie, you have been influenced.

The amount of bloggers that fail to do this is incredible. And imagine the amount of “reviews” that you have watched that were actually adverts? I have to mention one person whom I love for their honesty – the Beautiful Truth. Her reviews are so genuine…sometimes, she doesn’t like things and says so – my god, the absolute horror!!!! 😂


Affiliate linking is another to watch out for. “Go to my blog and purchase the product from there”. Absolutley totally legit, but be upfront about it and mention that you are making cash from it maybe? Basically if you click on their link, they get a small percentage of the sale. As opposed to going direct to the website of the retailer and purchasing from there. (Snazzy eh?)

I guess everything has its ugly side, and it almost turned me off the whole thing on a number of occasions. But it also helped me to re-look at why I do this and get back to doing what I love the most. (You may be seeing a whole lot less of me on the Snapchat.)

It is a shame that there are so many fantastic, talented bloggers out there who have built their business from scratch, who work hard to write their pieces, and then a few bring the industry down.

What do I want you to take away from this?
Open your eyes.
Question how REAL something is.
Are you watching a sales person?
Are you comparing yourself to someone  authentic?

Continue to enjoy us Bloggers, but maybe take it all with a pinch of salt. 😉


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