My Baby Scan – The MD Clinic

Having a baby is a nerve racking time – from the day you conceive there is constant worry about your little peanut. Are they ok? Are they healthy? Are they developing normally? You would think as a third time mum, this worry would have eased somewhat. But I worried over my third as much as any.

There is nothing more reassuring than seeing your little one on a baby scan. The first time you see their heart beating, their arms and legs stretching – it’s an amazing feeling. And most importantly, it helps to take the worry away. The current situation with Irish Maternity services (or lack there of) only adds to the stress. I could not believe it when my 20 week scan was delayed to 29 weeks! This was later amended however it just made me lose confidence in the care that I would receive. That and the fact that no anomaly scan would be offered to me. After my blog post highlighting the issue, I was contacted by the MD Clinic on the Watercourse Road, Blackpool who kindly offered me a Reassurance Scan.

There are very few private clinics in Cork that offer Maternity Scans and the MD Clinic is the only one north side of the city. They are one of only 2 that offer an anomaly scan – which given the current demand is surprising. By far, one of the biggest advantages of this clinic is their opening hours. I was able to have my scan on a Sunday, which meant no babysitters needed to be organised! Not that the little people are not welcome – there is a play area provided for busy bees! Free parking also adds to a stress free service.


The clinic itself is state of the art – professional, welcoming and well organised. They offer a range of services under one roof including GP, Dental, Physiotherapy and Orthopaedic to name but a few. On my arrival I was pleasantly greeted and seen for my scan immediately – yep, no 3 hours waiting and waiting and waiting.

Reassurance Scan

My gynaecologist was the perfect combination of high expertise and professionalism. I was made to feel like the only pregnant woman in the world, I didn’t feel rushed and all my questions were answered in detail. The Reassurance scan surprised me with the level of detail – it actually was similar to the anomaly scan I received previously on the public system. Baby was measured from top to toe. The picture was so clear that baby even gave us a little close up of the face…..a moment that actually made me melt! The ultrasound machine is so advanced that the option of finding out the sex of the baby was available to me – at only 16 weeks! Did I find out? Well that would be telling…. 🙂

Memories to keep

On this occasion my husband was not able to attend, and after seeing the detail that the scan went into I regretted it a little. So I was delighted when my gynaecologist presented me with not only some snapshots of baby but a DVD full of pictures from the entire scan plus a sound recording of my baby’s heartbeat. It may have looked like the Starship Enterprise to him, but hubby and I enjoyed sitting down when the kids were gone to bed, watching our impending arrival on the big screen at home.


Given that I, like thousands of others here in Ireland will not receive an anomaly scan, I will definitely be returning to the MD Clinic at 20 weeks. The staff have really put me at ease and I feel like I will be in good hands for my entire pregnancy.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of my next scan photos with you all!


If you would like to book your pregnancy scan at the MD Clinic, there are a few different ways to contact them:

You can visit their website here or call them on (021) 450 09 08 for an appointment.

You can also visit their Facebook Page for more details – just click here

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday 9am-7pm

Sunday 9am – 3pm

The MD Clinic were kind enough to offer me my scan for free. In return for the excellent service that I received, I have written this review. Please know that I do not collaborate with or endorse brands/products that I personally do not recommend.




Join me in thinking back to when you announced your first pregnancy…..


“Oh my god, that is sooooo exciting!!!” is the most common response, followed by squealing, excited hopping and over zealous hugging. It’s definitley one time in your life when you are made to feel like the only pregnant woman on the planet – and rightly so.

Now, pop out another one.
Grow it a little.
Then stick another bun in your oven.

“We’re having a third!!”

The reaction for the most part looks like this.


What is it about anything over two pregnancies that creates this ambivalent reaction? It’s like a reserved happiness with a hint of concern for your mental health all wrapped up with a Sheldon smile.

I have had some interesting responses to the announcement of our family expansion. Some of my personal favourites include:

“Oh, wow – I thought you guys were kinda done..”

How could we be “kinda” done? Yeah no we are almost done, just going try for a turkey this time.

“Jesus, you guys really don’t take a second do you?”

Ah we do. The 4 year old (with autism) and the 1 year old (with attitude) wash, dress and feed themselves, are learning to drive and always pitch in with the housework. It leaves loads of time for us to just have sex all day and make babies.

“Another one? Ah c’mere ye would want to have yer tubes tied”.

I kid you not. This was actually said. Meant in some kind of warped, harmless fashion. I responded to this reaction in a manner that would bring tears to the baby jesus’ eyes. And he’d be bawling if I typed exactly what I said here.

Additonal to that, we very much had an all round ‘less enthused’ reaction this time. Which left me a little flat I have to admit. But then again, it is to be expected. I guess people have grown accustomed to seeing me looking like a coffee addicted, worn out mess and are used to smelling poo in most of the rooms in my house.

But still, just a little squeal would be appreciated?

After all, I am doing that little miraculous task of growing a full human in me, while keeping two mini humans alive and feeding a grown up one. (Who just so happens to be a bottomless pit. Must be from all the ‘trying’).

Yes, I am super sensitive and hormonal. But all the more reason to break out the trumpets and call the City Hall when I announce I am with child!!
Hello?? I am fricking amazing like!

Alright, maybe not. But at least find it within yourself to avoid a mildly apathetic response, sense my excitement and get on board.

To wrap this up on a positive, I also had some truly wondeful reactions – pure happiness, tears of joy, shared excitement. But none of those made me want to bite someone so they don’t get a blog post. 😊 They were appreciated though.

Heed the warning folks – embrace your inner Hallmark card the next time someone tells you “their news”. Regardless of how many bulletins they have shared!