My Baby Scan – The MD Clinic

Having a baby is a nerve racking time – from the day you conceive there is constant worry about your little peanut. Are they ok? Are they healthy? Are they developing normally? You would think as a third time mum, this worry would have eased somewhat. But I worried over my third as much as any.

There is nothing more reassuring than seeing your little one on a baby scan. The first time you see their heart beating, their arms and legs stretching – it’s an amazing feeling. And most importantly, it helps to take the worry away. The current situation with Irish Maternity services (or lack there of) only adds to the stress. I could not believe it when my 20 week scan was delayed to 29 weeks! This was later amended however it just made me lose confidence in the care that I would receive. That and the fact that no anomaly scan would be offered to me. After my blog post highlighting the issue, I was contacted by the MD Clinic on the Watercourse Road, Blackpool who kindly offered me a Reassurance Scan.

There are very few private clinics in Cork that offer Maternity Scans and the MD Clinic is the only one north side of the city. They are one of only 2 that offer an anomaly scan – which given the current demand is surprising. By far, one of the biggest advantages of this clinic is their opening hours. I was able to have my scan on a Sunday, which meant no babysitters needed to be organised! Not that the little people are not welcome – there is a play area provided for busy bees! Free parking also adds to a stress free service.


The clinic itself is state of the art – professional, welcoming and well organised. They offer a range of services under one roof including GP, Dental, Physiotherapy and Orthopaedic to name but a few. On my arrival I was pleasantly greeted and seen for my scan immediately – yep, no 3 hours waiting and waiting and waiting.

Reassurance Scan

My gynaecologist was the perfect combination of high expertise and professionalism. I was made to feel like the only pregnant woman in the world, I didn’t feel rushed and all my questions were answered in detail. The Reassurance scan surprised me with the level of detail – it actually was similar to the anomaly scan I received previously on the public system. Baby was measured from top to toe. The picture was so clear that baby even gave us a little close up of the face…..a moment that actually made me melt! The ultrasound machine is so advanced that the option of finding out the sex of the baby was available to me – at only 16 weeks! Did I find out? Well that would be telling…. 🙂

Memories to keep

On this occasion my husband was not able to attend, and after seeing the detail that the scan went into I regretted it a little. So I was delighted when my gynaecologist presented me with not only some snapshots of baby but a DVD full of pictures from the entire scan plus a sound recording of my baby’s heartbeat. It may have looked like the Starship Enterprise to him, but hubby and I enjoyed sitting down when the kids were gone to bed, watching our impending arrival on the big screen at home.


Given that I, like thousands of others here in Ireland will not receive an anomaly scan, I will definitely be returning to the MD Clinic at 20 weeks. The staff have really put me at ease and I feel like I will be in good hands for my entire pregnancy.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of my next scan photos with you all!


If you would like to book your pregnancy scan at the MD Clinic, there are a few different ways to contact them:

You can visit their website here or call them on (021) 450 09 08 for an appointment.

You can also visit their Facebook Page for more details – just click here

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday 9am-7pm

Sunday 9am – 3pm

The MD Clinic were kind enough to offer me my scan for free. In return for the excellent service that I received, I have written this review. Please know that I do not collaborate with or endorse brands/products that I personally do not recommend.



How to soothe dribble rash

When my son was teething he developed a rash on one cheek from dribbling. Nothing eased it – from sudocrem to steroid cream it persisted. My local chemist recommended La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume – and it cleared within days.

This cream is ideal for sensitive skin that is irritated in some way. It’s paraben and fragrance free and a staple to have in the house.

 La Roche Posay can be bought in lots of chemists and usually available in Boots. I’m a huge fan and also use it as my skincare regime.


It’s vaccination time. Well, actually it was vaccination time a month ago, but it was her christening and then she got sick and then she had to get better and then I forgot and then it was Christmas….

I, like most other human beings, dread the thought of sticking a needle into a cooing little 3 month old! And dread even more the judgemental look of the nurse when I do it late. The thoughts of her being off form etc afterwards…not very encouraging. I know the importance of it, and will do it (after Christmas). Does everyone else comply?

Setting reminder in iPhone now to ring surgery (after Christmas).

I hope I’m not the only bold mammy who is late getting the injections done….

Space Wars – Return of the Mammy

A long time ago, in a supermarket far,far away…..

A mammy, accompanied by her two apprentices, Darth Toddler and General Newborn entered the galaxy of shopping trollies and groceries. Rain pelted down on the millennium Corsa, making the journey all the more treacherous. The trio searched and searched for a car space, but much to their dismay; finally settling for a space in Zone d – the neutral zone (also far, far away).

Armed with baby carrier, mammy had almost completed her mission. One last challenge – get her crew back to her ship/hatchback in the rain without a pneumonia inducing soaking. With stealth manoeuvres befitting of a ninja, mammy began to hoist Darth Toddler, secure General Newborn in the carrier and make for the Corsa. But then, she saw them……

The Evil Empire. Parent and children car space. Two workman on lunch break (hot chicken rolls in hand). Eating in car. No children in sight.She reached for her lightsaber…..

If I had a light saber that day, or hurley come to think of it, I would surely have used it. Does it not bother anyone else when lazy, inconsiderate drivers use spaces they shouldn’t? I find myself checking for car seats in the back of cars in those spaces lol.

Have you ever been guilty of this? Or just feel like a rant too?!

Bugger off Gina Forde

A baby over ten weeks, weighing over 10lbs and with no medical issues should be able to sleep through the night……the baby sleep bible according to Gina. I type this as I sit, almost paralysed by fear, baby monitor up full blast, waiting for the ‘stir’. She’s 3 months old, so I decided it’s time for her to start going to bed. Part of me is thinking what is the point? She’ll wake after 30 mins and be up again. But I have to be brave; for the sake of my sanity, my relationship, my dark circles under my eyes and that bottle of wine I opened 2 weeks ago but haven’t been able to savour!

When did you start putting your little one ‘up to bed’? Any funny experiences?