The Mammy Guilt

Mammy guilt is a phrase that is now being bandied around regularly, possibly ignited by the fact that the pressure on mammy’s these days is huge. But what is Mammy Guilt exactly? And why do we let ourselves fall prey to it?

Picture this: a well kept, warm and inviting home. The smell of dinner hits your nostrils as you walk in the door. The children are occupied quietly with homework or various arts and crafts. Not an electronic media device in sight. Mummy is effortlessly gliding across the kitchen, apron on, broom in hand, smile on face……Now, lets add on 6 decades and see the contrast between the 1950’s and present day. Well, it would be easier to draw comparison – there is a house, kids and a mum. Everything else is rather different.

When we think of Mammy Guilt, we think of the mother that hates leaving her kids on a Saturday because she has been at work all week. But this well known guilt trip has evolved. Mothers today are under so much pressure, whether they work full time at home or full time with an employer. One thing both parties have in common is the need to have everything perfect when it comes to raising a family. I have been on both sides of this and have felt the Mammy Guilt in a number of instances:

  • Classic Mammy Guilt – while working full time, any weekend activity that did not involve me spending time with the kids made me feel terrible.
  • Shopping Mammy Guilt – I go to Penny’s to pick up a few bits for me and come home with socks plus 2 bags full of toddler outfits and babygrows. They needed a few bits. Again.
  • Television Mammy Guilt – the baby is crying, the toddler is moving around the sitting room like a mini tornado. I do the unthinkable and turn on the TV so that I can dunk some biscuits into tea. And yes, the baby is looking at it to.
  • Nutrition Mammy Guilt – I fed my toddler a ready made meal. I let my toddler have a sugar loaded juice. My toddler sometimes has a dinner plate that does not contain colours because I am too shattered to get creative in the kitchen.
  • Nappy Mammy Guilt – yep, he’s been in that nappy far too long.
  • Angry Mammy Guilt – I’ve lost it with my toddler and shouted and felt horrible afterwards. I’ve asked the 3 week old baby with the hell she just keeps on crying. And felt quite stupid afterwards.


There are so many situations, the above are a few honest ones of mine. These days we are overloaded with books on how to raise nutritionally sound, socially adept children; all developmental milestones are hit within a certain timeframe and they don’t see the TV until they are 18 years old. If we so much as stray from this hard and fast rule book, we beat ourselves up and worse yet, judge each other for not maintaining the standard. This is where the guilt comes from – we put the pressure on ourselves.

Motherhood is a rough ride – there are a fair few bumps along the way and it is not possible to be perfect. You will forget to give him lunch on time. You will lose the plot and shout. You need to go out with the girls and let loose on a Friday and feel like crap the next day. You will not have time to sit and interact and play games all day. And you will let the TV do some babysitting sometimes. Its called life, and we must live our own and not judge others for how they live theirs.


In the words of two famous Craggy Island parishioners – careful now, down with this sort of thing! Mammy Guilt is not good.

Here is my antidote for dealing with Mammy Guilt:

Each day I will do my absolute best to care for my family.

I wont get everything right, but I will learn along the way.

I will take care of myself.

I will hug each one of my kids tight each night and tell them how much I love them.

Before I close my eyes to sleep, I will be proud of myself and the family I have produced.

I am so lucky.

I am a wonderful Mum.



It’s vaccination time. Well, actually it was vaccination time a month ago, but it was her christening and then she got sick and then she had to get better and then I forgot and then it was Christmas….

I, like most other human beings, dread the thought of sticking a needle into a cooing little 3 month old! And dread even more the judgemental look of the nurse when I do it late. The thoughts of her being off form etc afterwards…not very encouraging. I know the importance of it, and will do it (after Christmas). Does everyone else comply?

Setting reminder in iPhone now to ring surgery (after Christmas).

I hope I’m not the only bold mammy who is late getting the injections done….

Space Wars – Return of the Mammy

A long time ago, in a supermarket far,far away…..

A mammy, accompanied by her two apprentices, Darth Toddler and General Newborn entered the galaxy of shopping trollies and groceries. Rain pelted down on the millennium Corsa, making the journey all the more treacherous. The trio searched and searched for a car space, but much to their dismay; finally settling for a space in Zone d – the neutral zone (also far, far away).

Armed with baby carrier, mammy had almost completed her mission. One last challenge – get her crew back to her ship/hatchback in the rain without a pneumonia inducing soaking. With stealth manoeuvres befitting of a ninja, mammy began to hoist Darth Toddler, secure General Newborn in the carrier and make for the Corsa. But then, she saw them……

The Evil Empire. Parent and children car space. Two workman on lunch break (hot chicken rolls in hand). Eating in car. No children in sight.She reached for her lightsaber…..

If I had a light saber that day, or hurley come to think of it, I would surely have used it. Does it not bother anyone else when lazy, inconsiderate drivers use spaces they shouldn’t? I find myself checking for car seats in the back of cars in those spaces lol.

Have you ever been guilty of this? Or just feel like a rant too?!